Since there is a common bond between Entrepreneurs, Investors, Motivators and other Amazing People doing Cool Things in their Lives I have created this page to help like-minded people connect. I had a hard time finding these types of business people in my early years so hopefully this helps each of you. Promote Yourself, get Noticed and Connect with Others

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  • Mike Tha Investor
  • Just A Investor Helping You Invest In Yourself By Sharing My Journey & Inspiration! Instagram - Twitter > @Mikethainvestor

  • Rodrigo Medeiros
  • Personal Finance - Achieve financial freedom through mastering personal finances and leveraging real estate and Stocks Investing

  • Oliver 
  • AskMeStartUp is where startups and small businesses turn to get the best and effective growth strategies for high returns off & online. I’m teaching owners of small businesses and startups crucial aspects of a growing successful business. Get insanely actionable lessons on marketing, pitching, dealing with investors and most importantly handling customers.

  • Brandy Hazard
  • Navy veteran entrepreneur building my fashion brand “The Hazard House”. Supplying Fashion Items and Accessories. Let’s network ?

  • Ryan Giffin
  • Welcome to my channel, my name is Ryan and I am glad to have you follow my investing journey. I am currently 31 years old with a wife and 2 children. I document my investments right here on the channel that have currently been into real estate and stocks. I have my first rental property and intend to use the house I just moved into as a rental property as well. I am using growth stocks like Tesla to accelerate my capital to acquire more real estate and strong dividend stocks I also share hacks I use for saving money like credit card churning as well as sharing investments that have not gone as well for me. Please make sure to subscribe to see all of my future content!

  • Mohammad K
  • I have been working as an expert Web Developer in both WordPress and Shopify over the last 5 years.

  • Simona Dutka
  • Hi! Happy to be a part of this community. I am an entrepreneur and always excited to learn new things and meet new people

  • bloodphantom81 
  • Hi, I'm Alex. I'm an investor making content about swing trading, long term investing, dividend growth investing, and options.

  • RicoSuave Investing
  • Learn about the latest Stock IPOs, Stock Market News, Investing and Financial Freedom.

  • Kenan Grace
  • Investor
  • InstaGram: Kenangrace1 Twitter: @KenanGrace FaceBook: Kenan Grace

  • Micaela Watts
  • Entrepreneur
  • Hey Friends!! My name is Micaela, entrepreneur of many years and many businesses! Cosmetic Tattoos Corporate & Social Catering

  • Rick Ilchyna
  • Both
  • I have been an Entrepreneur since I was 17 and always looking to connect with other similar minded people!

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  • Daniel Haimanot
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