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“I came home after teaching to a package from The Grounded Route! I love each and every bracelet, they are even more spectacular than I expected! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to gift them this year!” – Kelli, Happy Customer



We found our passion while searching for peace. Each of our collections is hand crafted as a therapeutic way to achieve balance. We would be honoured if you would join us, on The Grounded Route.

About Us

Our team at The Grounded Route creates gemstone jewelry, with meaningful energies, in Canada. Our unique designs are known as OM Stones. Providing fashion-forward, gemstone unisex jewelry; we seek out the dreamers, the doers and the achievers.

We source our supplies from local small businesses and believe that the support for our community of entrepreneurs will cultivate the achievement of greatness.

All of our collections have custom options available.
Connect with us to have your personal piece created in your custom design.
Thanks for joining us, on The Grounded Route.

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